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Tampa Law: What You Need to Know

We keep track of the latest laws in Tampa

State statutes and regulations regularly undergo a great deal of change and revision.  Westchase Law, P.A., welcomes opportunities to help clients navigate the latest alterations in Tampa law, as well as provide legal guidance and advocacy wherever they are needed.

For example, recent changes to child custody laws in Florida include elimination of the tender years doctrine. This doctrine held that it was typically in the best interest of minor children for the mother to have priority in custody proceedings.  The role of the non-custodial parent (in this case, the father) was minimized.  Presently, equal opportunity is given to both parents or guardians to take an active role in the life of their child.

Differences in Florida law?

The federal government leaves many family law issues to the states to decide.  Florida has a strong policy that encourages shared parental responsibility of minor children in the event of a divorce.  Unless shared responsibility is found to be counter-productive, the goal of family law in Tampa is to keep both parents or guardians involved in the life of the child.

The child, or children, may still live primarily with one parent or the other.  However, Tampa law calls for both caregivers to provide input and make decisions about the upbringing of the child.

Our Tampa law firm can help you

Westchase Law, P.A., not only covers family law in Tampa, but a variety of other practice areas as well, such as the following:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Real estate law
  • Business law
  • Estate planning
  • Employment law

We make it a priority to keep up with the most current changes in Tampa law, so that we will have the most accurate information ready when assisting with your legal concern.  Discuss your case with us today.

Contact us for help understanding complex Tampa laws

If you are in need of legal advice, please contact our Westchase or Tampa office at to schedule a consultation, or fill out our online contact form with any questions you may have.