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Tampa Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Buying a piece of commercial property as an investment or to start a business is a lengthy process during which many issues arise. Even determining if a property is suitable for your intended purposes can be difficult. Zoning ordinances, deed covenants, local, state, and federal regulations can all influence your ability to do business at a given location. And after resolving these issues, every prudent buyer or seller must perform a wide range of other tasks. Disclosures, inspections, title searches—these are all important aspects of the transaction that the parties should address in their contract.

With so many issues and such much capital at stake, performing a commercial real estate transaction without the advice and support of a commercial real estate attorney is a risky proposition. But the attorneys of Westchase Law, P.A. have an extensive real estate practice and represent clients, both buyers and sellers, through all phases of commercial and residential real estate transactions. We can help ensure your transaction goes smoothly and help you confront issues head on should they arise.

A full service real estate law firm

At Westchase Law, P.A., our comprehensive service distinguishes us from other Tampa law firms. We offer all the legal services necessary in real estate transactions, including contract negotiation, closing services, and document drafting and filing. Moreover, we provide comprehensive title services that are a crucial part of nearly every real estate transaction. This includes performing thorough title searches and investigations and taking the actions necessary to remove liens and other encumbrances on the title prior to sale. This enables us to serve our clients through the entire process, from identifying a suitable property, to closing, and beyond if necessary.

Real estate transactions are far from straightforward and having a commercial real estate attorney you can trust is crucial. That is why we endeavor to cultivate goodwill with our commercial real estate clients so that they remain with us for the lives of their businesses. We want our clients to consider us their trusted source for all their legal needs. And our diverse practice reflects this desire.

Get skilled legal support from a real estate attorney in Tampa

The attorneys of Westchase Law, P.A. remain constantly apprised of the latest developments in the laws of Florida. Their diverse real estate practice includes commercial and residential transactions, landlord tenant disputes, foreclosure defense, real estate litigation, closing and title services, and short sale negotiation. If you are buying or selling property in Florida, facing foreclosure, or involved in any other type of real estate or rental dispute, our experienced attorneys may be able to help. Contact us at 813-490-5211 or through our web contact page.