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When Support Payments Stop Coming

The Florida Department of Revenue wants to make it easy for divorced parents to pay their child support obligations. They probably presume that the easier they make it to pay, the less effort the Department must expend to ensure that children get their due. To that end, they now offer online payment by credit card Read More

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Calculating Child Support

Issues involving children are perhaps the most emotionally-charged and passionately-argued in a divorce settlement. But when it comes to figuring child support, you can check your feelings at the door. Child support goes strictly by the numbers. (Compare that to alimony, which is almost entirely at the discretion of the court and considers all sorts Read More

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Amicable Divorce: What Lies Beneath

Nobody likes an ugly divorce. Not the spouses, not their children, not their friends and families — not even their attorneys, whose goal is to get the parties to agree. Unless you are starring in a reality TV show, constant conflict and continuous drama are not the keys to a successful outcome. To avoid all Read More

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Alimony Reform: Better Luck Next Time?

Despite overwhelming support by both parties in the state legislature, the movement to eliminate the awarding of permanent alimony in Florida met an abrupt end in May when Gov. Rick Scott vetoed Senate Bill 718. The governor praised some aspects of the bill but said he could not approve it because it was written to Read More

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Most Common Ways to End or Reduce Alimony

After years of paying alimony to an ex-spouse, you may be wondering how long it will last or if there is a way to at least reduce the amount you pay. In Florida, there are many types of alimony or spousal maintenance including temporary, permanent, bridge the gap, rehabilitative and durational. Depending on the type Read More

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What is the Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce?

What is the Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce? Is your marriage on the verge of ending? Are you and your spouse discussing divorce? If so, you may want to take a moment to understand the difference between contested and uncontested divorce. While the majority of married couples seeking to part ways do so through Read More

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Understanding Equitable Distribution in Florida

When marriages end, many complex issues must be dealt with before spouses can part ways. While child custody and alimony are often the most hotly contested matters during a divorce proceeding, sometimes the division of property and assets can be just as trying. Depending on whether you and your spouse are going through a contested Read More

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Types of Alimony in Florida

Alimony is supposed to enable spouses who have not worked or who have lower incomes to maintain a standard of living similar to what they were accustomed to during marriage. In setting an award of alimony, Florida courts consider many economic factors. The types of alimony that can be awarded in Florida include: Permanent alimony. Read More

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Current Alimony Law in Florida

In Florida, the award of alimony is not cut and dried according to a neatly laid out statutory formula. Unlike child support, which has detailed guidelines to follow, alimony is based on judicial discretion. Unfortunately, this means that awards of alimony can be widely disparate. Current law provides for seven statutory factors to be used Read More

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When Can I Change My Child Support?

When Can I Change My Child Support? After your divorce is final, you and your ex-spouse have continuing obligations under the terms of the decree. One of these obligations is child support. Neither party can single-handedly change a child support order. To modify the terms of your decree and change the amount of support, you Read More

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