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Visitation rights in Tampa, FL

In recent years, Florida has made some significant changes to divorce law to better address the needs of the children. Some changes have been fully implemented, while others go into effect in 2011. The Tampa visitation lawyers at Westchase Law, P.A. keep up to date with any changes to the law to ensure your rights are fully supported as you begin a new life for you and your children.

The terminology has changed

Florida law no longer distinguishes between primary residential parent and secondary residential parent. In fact, the term custodial parent has also been abolished. Now the law recognizes the term parent for both the mother and father and establishes no automatic preference for one parent over the other. Where the old terms implied a reduced importance of the role one parent played over the other, the new terminology recognizes both parents as having an equal role in their children’s lives.

The term for visitation is now time-sharing, and a visitation plan is now referred to as a parenting plan. The change in terminology encourages courts to develop arrangements that allow both parents to play greater roles in the lives of their children.

New goals define visitation rights of both parents

Florida courts now look at an expanded list of factors when determining time-sharing schedules within parenting plans. There are now 20 factors considered when determining the best interests of the children.  Here are just a few of those factors:

  • The parents’ physical and mental health and their moral fitness
  • The ability of both parents to maintain close relationships with their children and provide a routine
  • The need for both parents to work together
  • The proximity of the residence of each parent after the divorce relative to each other and the children’s schools
  • The responsibilities each parent had in the lives of their children prior to their divorce, including involvement in school or extracurricular activities

As early as during your initial consultation with a visitation attorney from Westchase Law, P.A., we begin to delve into all the details of your past history—and your future expectations—to develop a parenting plan that can produce the best possible results for the entire family.

Get skilled legal support from compassionate visitation lawyers in Tampa, FL

One of the most emotionally charged issues in divorce is facing the changes to your day-to-day contact with your children. At Westchase Law, P.A., we help guide our clients toward solutions that provide your children with the contact and support they need from both parents as you learn to build a new life.

For compassionate and professional attention, contact Westchase Law, P.A., a private law firm in Tampa. During your initial consultation, an experienced a child custody attorney will assess your case and help you understand your legal options.

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