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Child Custody

Tampa Lawyers Help Clients Obtain Fair Child Custody Arrangements

Proven Gulf Coast firm assists area parents going through a divorce

Parents of minor children need to establish guidelines that govern decision-making, residence and visitation for the years that follow a divorce. Though everyone is looking for a resolution that serves the best interests of their sons or daughters, working out specific child custody terms can be difficult. With office in Tampa, Westchase Law P.A., works closely with Floridians who are looking to create the best possible post-divorce environment for their children.  Whether everyone is on the same page or serious conflicts exist, we’ll use our skill and experience to develop thorough plans governing parental responsibility and time-sharing.

Skillful attorneys advise on parental responsibility and timesharing issues

Our Hillsborough County family law attorneys offer comprehensive legal guidance on a full range of custody matters, including:

  • Parental responsibility — Sometimes known as “legal custody,” parental responsibility is what Florida calls the authority to make important decisions about children’s upbringing. In many cases, parents hold this responsibility jointly.
  • Residence — Parents should carefully weigh what the best residential arrangement will be based on safety, educational opportunities, comfort, the child’s preference and other concerns. Whether one location will serve as the primary residence or the child will spend significant time in both homes, our firm can help you analyze the options and create a workable arrangement.
  • Time sharing — We take the time to draft, review and present thorough parenting plans that clearly state how time sharing should be handled, including detailed descriptions of holiday and vacation visitation.

Though a divorce might be contentious, we use our skill and experience to keep everyone focused on what is best for your son and daughter and to encourage healthy communication before and after a custody order is issued.

Dedicated lawyers understand the factors used by courts to decide on custody

All young people deserve a safe living situation and attention to their social, emotional and educational needs. However, each situation is unique, so Florida law names several factors that should be examined in child custody determinations. A history of parental negligence, substance abuse or domestic violence usually has a significant effect on the outcome. Also relevant are the goals of maintaining continuity for the child and promoting compliance with the eventual time-sharing order. We are committed to establishing a healthy environment for your son or daughter as we help you present the strongest custody case possible.

Effective litigators assist with relocation requests and other modifications

Without much warning, a job change or family illness might compel a mother or father to seek a modification in the court-ordered parenting plan. Parents who wish to relocate more than 50 miles away must either obtain approval from their co-parent or seek a modification in court. As with other determinations relating to custody, the court will evaluate various factors to see if the move would be in the child’s best interests. If you’re considering adjusting the terms of your parenting plan or have been notified of a potential modification, we’ll act quickly to assist you.

Hillsborough County family lawyers handle child support matters

To determine child support under Florida law, several factors are considered, including the income of both parents and how many nights a child spends in each home. Once the obligation is established, the paying parent must make prompt, full payments. The state Department of Revenue’s Child Support program offers many options to bring a delinquent parent into compliance, including garnishment of income, suspension of licenses and even court proceedings.

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Westchase Law P.A. represents clients from Hillsborough County and throughout the Gulf Coast in child custody matters and other family law issues. To arrange a consultation at either our Tampa office, please call 813-438-7114 or contact us online.

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