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Florida Family Lawyers Advocate for Proper Visitation Arrangements

Firm in Tampa pursues agreements on parental timesharing

Parents who break up usually wish to maintain a strong presence in their child’s life even if they don’t have primary residential custody. Florida law refers to visitation as “time-sharing” and requires the submission of a parenting plan that establishes appropriate terms. With office in Tampa, Westchase Law P.A., works hard to create schedules that are clearly understood and fair to everyone involved. When this cannot be accomplished, our experienced family law attorneys argue in court for a resolution that gives the noncustodial parent ample quality time with their child, addressing all relevant issues such as holidays, vacations and transportation between homes.

Skilled Gulf Coast attorneys seek to maintain strong parent-child bonds

Regardless of where a child primarily resides, both parents are entitled to frequent and meaningful contact unless some type of danger exists. We’ll evaluate the circumstances in your case and help you understand:

  • Standard parenting time plans — Every parenting plan should be based on the needs and priorities of the individuals involved, but Florida has provided an example of a standard time-sharing plan. In this model, the child sees the noncustodial parent on alternate weekends along with one night during the week. Vacation and holiday time is also addressed.
  • Effect of the child’s age — It’s important to remember that children of different ages have distinct needs and capabilities, so time-sharing schedules might not be the same for all children within a given family.
  • Transportation — Moving a child from home to home can be time-consuming and even costly. By formalizing transportation arrangements from the outset, we can help avoid conflicts later.

Based on the “best interest of the child” standard used in child custody and visitation matters, our family law attorneys strive to establish a time-sharing program that satisfies the needs of young people and their parents.

Hillsborough County advocates represent parents in enforcement actions

Violating a time-sharing order can lead to serious consequences for Florida parents. Even if you believe that you have a valid reason, requesting consent from your co-parent or a modification from the court is preferable to taking matters into your own hands. If you believe your ex-partner is preventing you from visiting your children or is otherwise breaching the terms of the order, we’ll pursue immediate, full compliance through strong communication or an enforcement action. We will also represent you if you’ve been accused of violating a visitation order.

Thorough attorneys counsel on matters relating to grandparental visitation

Grandmothers and grandfathers often play an important role in the lives of grandchildren, but after a divorce, they might not be able to see them as often or at all. Though grandparents may feel unfairly alienated from their grandchildren by a parent or guardian, the legal right to visitation is granted only in limited circumstances, such as when the child’s parents are missing, incapacitated or deceased. However, if you’re estranged from your grandchild, we can explore the options that might be available to help you restore your relationship.

Contact a Florida family lawyer for advice regarding child visitation arrangements

Westchase Law P.A. represents parents in negotiations and court proceedings to establish appropriate visitation arrangements. We have office in Hillsborough County, located in Tampa. To schedule a meeting regarding parenting plans or other elements of a Florida divorce, please call 813-438-7114 or contact us online.

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