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In each marriage, spouses share responsibilities. When a wife or husband stays home to watch the children or maintain the household, they are making a valuable contribution. However, a divorce can put the non-working spouse into financial crisis, especially if they’ve been unemployed for several years. Florida law offers several types of alimony to assist spouses who lack the earning ability necessary to maintain their standard of living. However, it might be tough to figure out what type of payments could be granted in your situation, or whether spousal support is merited at all.  Whether you’re seeking support or are being asked to provide it, the skillful attorneys at Westchase Law P.A. in Tampa will help you understand the applicable law as we advocate for a proper outcome.

Experienced advisers outline the different types of spousal support in Florida

Our experienced Hillsborough County divorce attorneys are well versed in the different types of alimony that are available within the state, including:

  • Temporary — Once a petition for dissolution of marriage is filed, a party who has relied on their spouse for financial support can seek temporary alimony. These payments typically continue until the divorce is granted and a decision on post-divorce alimony is entered.
  • Bridge-the-gap Divorce can trigger financial disruption and uncertainty. Florida law authorizes bridge-the-gap alimony for up to two years if one of the parties needs payments to address short-term concerns such as selling a home or furnishing a new one.
  • Rehabilitative — Spouses who collected little or no income during the years preceding a divorce can develop a plan to use alimony payments to support themselves as they pursue education or job training to improve their ability to earn income. If you believe remedy might be appropriate for you, we’ll help you to attain it.
  • Durational — Courts can direct alimony obligations to last for a certain number of years but the duration cannot exceed the number of years that the couple was wed.
  • Permanent — This type of spousal support can last until one of the parties dies or the recipient marries. Whether it will be awarded depends heavily on the length of the marriage. If the couple remained wed for more than 17 years, there is a presumption in favor of permanent alimony. In situations where the union lasted fewer than seven years, it is presumed that permanent alimony is not warranted.

In some cases, parties can reach a consensus about the amount and duration of spousal support. Should the matter go before the judge, the Florida Statutes require that all relevant factors be considered.  Among them are the couple’s standard of living, the spouses’ earning capacity and each spouse’s contribution to the marriage, which can include homemaking services and support for the other’s education and/or career. Before you decide how to handle an alimony issue, our knowledgeable attorneys can assess your situation and outline how we can help you secure a fair outcome.

Accomplished firm takes on alimony modifications and enforcement cases

Should a change occur that substantially affects the appropriateness of an existing alimony order, a paying or recipient party can petition the court for a modification. Examples could be when a spouse providing support loses a job or when someone collecting payments unexpectedly comes into a significant amount of money. Whatever the reason, our firm can press for a reasonable change or oppose a modification that is not justified. We also represent spouses in enforcement actions when disagreements arise over compliance with alimony obligations.

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Westchase Law P.A. advocates on behalf of clients during negotiations and litigation relating to alimony and other aspects of Florida divorce proceedings. To schedule a consultation regarding your options, please call 813-438-7114 or contact us online to make an appointment. Our office are located in Tampa.

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