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Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer

Westchase Law, P.A. handles personal injury claims, lawsuits & settlements including:

When you’ve been injured your first concern should be about getting better, not about paying medical bills or attorney’s fees.   The clock is ticking –there is a certain amount of time within which to bring a claim or the entire action is barred. Call our Tampa personal injury lawyers today so we can evaluate your claim and preserve your rights.

Auto Accident Victims

If you or a loved one has been injured by someone else’s negligent driving, it is crucial that you get the care you need as soon as possible.  Don’t try to “tough it out” – if you are in pain you need to get to the doctor.  Florida law requires automobile owners to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) which provides money to help pay medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses in the case of an accident. You may be entitled to PIP benefits.

You may also be entitled to Underinsured and/or Uninsured (UM) coverage in the case your policy doesn’t cover your damages or in case the person who hit you didn’t have auto insurance.  Other routes of recovery may also be available.  It’s important to have an attorney who understands Florida’s insurance laws and industry practices so that you have a fair chance at obtaining maximum recovery.  Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to even the playing field with the insurance companies.  If you are scared about the whole process or feel intimidated by the insurance companies, please give us a call so we can fight for you.

Water & Beach Accidents (Admiralty & Maritime Law)

Water recreation is a favorite Florida pastime.   Unfortunately, it’s also a source of frequent injury and death due to alcohol, negligence, and sometimes carelessness.  A unique and special body of law called Maritime and Admiralty law applies to accidents occurring on or arising out of the “navigable waters” of the United States.

This includes the Tampa Bay area waterways, beaches, and attached waterways along with the Gulf Coast and numerous other bodies of water throughout Florida and offshore. Personal watercrafts (PWCs) are a notorious waterway hazard.  If you’ve been injured on the water or at the beach due to the inattentiveness of a person operating a PWC, boat, other vessel, contact us so we can give you the attention and care your case deserves.

Premises Liability (Slip & Fall)

Have you ever been to a grocery store and seen a spilled item laying on the floor, or items stacked in an obviously unstable manner, or a forgotten rusty nail sticking out of a wall – and no sign that the business has taken any effort to fix it?  Have you ever heard of a person being injured due to the criminal act of another at a place with no security guards or inadequate lighting in an area with a high crime rate?

Stores and other businesses are open in hopes that people will come spend money there and because of that, Florida law prescribes a special duty of care owed to their customers whom the law considers “business invitees”.  If you have been injured due to the failure of a business to maintain its premises in a safe manner, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries.  Give our office a call as soon as possible so we can set up an appointment to discuss your case and protect your claim.

Wrongful Death

The most tragic aspect of personal injury law is when a death is involved.  Of course, no amount of money could ever truly compensate the family of the deceased person for the loss of their loved one.  The death of one person may result in numerous victims with different types of damages.

The decedent’s family will have to continue living without the love and emotional and financial support of the one they lost.  If you are struggling with the loss of a spouse or child due to the failure of a business or person to use reasonable care in preventing the accident, contact us so that we can preserve your rights and pursue a just remedy to the fullest extent the law will allow.

Experienced Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers

For help with Tampa personal injury matters, please contact Westchase Law P.A. for an evaluation.

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