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Tampa High-Conflict Family Lawyer

Divorces can lead to high-conflict family law issues when there are children involved. Ideally, both parents would co-parent peacefully with each other and avoid exposing their children to even more stress. But unfortunately, this is not always the case.

The typical strategies for co-parenting don’t always work. This is often due to personality disorders or substance abuse. As a result, as many as 30% of family court cases fall into the high conflict category.

Westchase Law understands that each family is different and has different issues and conflicts involved. See how our skilled and experienced Tampa high-conflict family law attorneys can help.

Why High-Conflict Cases are So Difficult

High-conflict cases are difficult to deal with. They have baffled family court and family law professionals, who have tried to resolve these cases through mediation and collaboration but to no avail.

The problem is that family law professionals misinterpret the term “high-conflict.” They often assume that both parties are being selfish and stubborn and therefore contributing to the conflict. This is mostly untrue. The conflict is typically caused by one party who has a personality disorder. One person is driving the dispute, while the other parent is being reasonable and trying to protect the children from conflict.

These cases impact the children for many years. The long-term effects of high-conflict cases can be seen in adults who were subjected to hostile environments as children. Fortunately, most parents understand the negative impact that divorce can have on children. As divorce has become more prevalent, it has become less of a stigma. Parents have, as a result, become more educated about divorce and how it can negatively affect children.

Signs of High-Conflict Cases

It’s best for judges to identify high-conflict cases early on, but what indicators should courts be looking for? Here are some signs:

  • Control issues
  • Personality problems or disorders
  • Frequent outbursts of anger
  • False accusations
  • Constant instability in the relationship (always walking on eggshells)
  • Addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or pornography
  • One parent complaining about the safety and well-being of the children while in the other parent’s care
  • Not following court orders
  • Refusal to agree to a parenting plan
  • Arguments about which parent is the primary parent
  • Restraining order against the parent for domestic violence
  • Provoking the other parent through criticism or other behaviors
  • Criminal behavior or a criminal record
  • Accusations of lying
  • Child Protective Services has been called to assess the welfare and/or safety of the children
  • The parents argue over child sharing percentages or parenting concerns do not match up

Contact Westchase Law Today

Divorces have a lot of conflict by nature, but those with children involved may be especially contentious. Custody battles are common as parents purposely engage in conflict, causing stress for the kids.

The team at Westchase Law can reduce stress and conflict in your divorce. Let us deal with your child custody and other family law issues. Call 813-490-5211 to speak with our experienced Tampa high-conflict family lawyers today.

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