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Tampa Landlord Tenant Litigation Lawyer

The relationship between landlord and tenant can be complicated and contentious. And disputes can easily arise between even responsible and well-meaning lessors and lessees. When this occurs, it takes an experienced lawyer to protect your rights. Whether you are a landlord or a renter and whether your dispute involves commercial or residential rental property, a Tampa landlord tenant lawyer from Westchase Law, P.A. can provide counsel and representation in a variety of situations.

Property leases are often complex and can give rise to many issues. Lease agreements can be complicated, and commercial lease agreements especially must contain specific terms tailor-made to address the type of business the lessee plans to conduct on the premises. These can include insurance obligations, status of fixtures, duties of repair, rights to alter the premises, non-compete clauses, and methods for computing rent. Lessors must be careful to protect the value of their properties and lessees must negotiate terms that allow them to efficiently do business.

The complexities of these agreements make disputes common. And failing to honor the terms can have consequences for both parties. Landlords who fail to maintain their properties may face a withholding of rent. Tenants who fail to honor their obligations may face eviction. In either case, our attorneys can advise of your rights and obligations and work with the other party to resolve any issues. Should an amicable resolution prove impossible, our attorneys have the skills and experience needed to efficiently resolve your issues in the appropriate court.

Florida eviction proceedings

Eviction can be a complicated process and there are many laws that protect tenants and prevent the lessor from resorting to self-help. If you are a lessor, especially in cases involving residential property, you may be worried about complying with the required procedures and building a solid case for eviction of a troublesome or noncompliant tenant. If you are a tenant, you may be concerned that a heavy-handed landlord is not respecting your rights under the law. Whatever the case may be, the Tampa real estate lawyers of Westchase Law, P.A. has the experience to address your concerns and help you deal with your landlord or tenant within the strictures of the law.

Get skilled legal support from a real estate attorney in Tampa

The attorneys of Westchase Law, P.A. remain constantly apprised of the latest developments in the laws of Florida. Their diverse real estate practice includes commercial and residential transactions, landlord tenant disputes, foreclosure defense, real estate litigation, closing and title services, and short sale negotiation. If you are buying or selling property in Florida, facing foreclosure, or involved in any other type of real estate or rental dispute, our experienced attorneys may be able to help. Contact us at 813-490-5211 or through our contact page.

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