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Tampa Divorce Lawyers Serve as Strong Advocates for Spouses in Florida

Law Firm with office in Tampa helps clients make a new start

No one can promise that divorce will be easy, but strong representation from an accomplished Florida family lawyer can help you reduce the emotional strain and secure a dissolution order that meets your needs. From office in Tampa, Westchase Law P.A. advises divorcing spouses on such concerns as property division, alimony, custody and child support. Whether you agree on most issues or seem headed to court because the differences are so great, our Hillsborough County lawyers will formulate a strategy tailored to your circumstances and objectives.

Knowledgeable Gulf Coast family and divorce lawyers outline relevant legal standards

For clients throughout the Gulf Coast and all over Florida, our divorce attorneys offer knowledgeable counsel on the legal aspects of marriage dissolution, such as:

  • No fault divorce — All Florida divorces are based on no-fault grounds, meaning that marriages are legally terminated because they are irretrievably broken rather than due to misconduct by one or both parties. However, adultery, cruel treatment, substance abuse and other types of behavior might affect aspects of the dissolution order.
  • Contested vs. uncontested divorce — How long it takes to end your marriage depends on many factors. Even when there are serious differences between the spouses, skillful negotiation or mediation might allow them to avoid the time, expense and stress of litigation. If the divorce is uncontested, Florida offers a simplified dissolution procedure as long as there are no children of the marriage and no disagreements about property issues.
  • Legal separation — Although there is no such thing as legal separation status in Florida, you and your spouse may wish to live apart but remain married. If so, we can help create an agreement governing financial and parenting issues.

From start to finish, we’ll answer all your questions promptly and clearly so that you understand your options and know what to expect.

Dedicated divorce attorneys work to establish proper custody and support terms

Children’s lives are disrupted when their parents divorce, but steps can be taken to ease their burden. In cases involving custody, visitation and child support issues, we study the relevant circumstances in detail to reach a mutually agreeable result. If that cannot be achieved, we’ll press for a court order that establishes appropriate terms addressing parental responsibility and time sharing. Our lawyers also represent parents in matters concerning child support rates as well as modification requests and enforcement actions.

Hillsborough County firm represents spouses during alimony proceedings

When a husband or wife is the primary breadwinner in a marriage, the other spouse might face a financial crisis once the divorce is completed. Several different types of alimony exist in Florida and our experienced matrimonial litigators will explain which one might be suited to your situation. With an extensive family law background, we are effective advocates for both paying and recipient spouses.

Skillful advocates work to secure appropriate property division orders

Divorce isn’t just an emotional matter. It is a significant financial event that can involve complex disputes over such properties as the marital home, stocks, bank accounts and ownership stakes in a business. We’ll explain what assets and debts are to be divided once the marriage is dissolved. If you cannot reach consensus with your spouse, we’ll advocate for a fair outcome under Florida’s equitable distribution law.

Contact an effective Tampa divorce lawyer to discuss your situation

Westchase Law P.A. represents spouses in Florida divorce actions and related matters addressing issues such as child support and alimony awards. Our firm serves Hillsborough County and the surrounding area from office in Tampa. To set up a consultation, please call 813-438-7114 or contact us online.

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