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Family Lawyers in Tampa Deliver Sound Representation

Experienced Florida firm handles divorces and custody matters

Each family is unique and when you’re facing a legal issue relating to your marriage or children, you deserve a lawyer who is committed to providing personalized guidance. Our firm, Westchase Law P.A., has office in Tampa where we give clients the information and comprehensive support they need to tackle difficult circumstances and achieve optimal results. In divorces, child custody cases and other proceedings relating to domestic concerns, our experienced Florida attorneys will protect your interests and relieve your burden. Throughout Hillsborough County and the surrounding area, we make a positive difference for individuals and their loved ones by providing the highest levels of representation and service.

Hillsborough County attorneys help with a wide range of domestic concerns

No matter what type of family law assistance you’re looking for, our experienced attorneys can help you achieve an effective, lasting solution. In the Gulf Coast and other Florida locations, we provide strong counsel in matters relating to:

  • Divorce — Whether your divorce is relatively amicable or highly contested, we’ll assert your rights and safeguard your interests so you can move forward to a successful resolution.
  • Child custody and visitation — Our firm handles child custody and visitation arrangements with skill and sensitivity.
  • Property division — Under Florida’s equitable distribution law, judges have wide latitude to determine what is fair when dividing marital property. In negotiations, mediation and litigation, we review the relevant information exhaustively and press for a proper outcome.
  • Child support — Each parent has a responsibility to meet the financial needs of their children. During initial child support determinations, modification requests and enforcement actions, our firm pursued a result that is supported by the facts.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — Creating an enforceable prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can protect your assets and avert costly disputes if the marriage ends. Regardless of the particular property that’s at stake, we advise clients on how to reach a consensus.
  • Alimony — We are dedicated advocates in cases where one spouse seeks support payments during the course of divorce proceedings and after the marriage is dissolved.

Each family law situation is unique, but whether your concerns can be resolved through effective communication or require litigation, we will always work to eliminate unnecessary delays and expense.

Effective advocates work to reverse and modify previously entered orders

Family court orders can have significant effects on people’s lives, but while they have the force of law, they can be changed in certain instances. If you believe that an order lacked legal support or was a result of a court error, we can advise you about the possibility of appeal. In other cases, our firm can pursue a modification of an order through consent or by petitioning the court. We’ll make sure that you are aware of the pertinent legal standards as we press for a beneficial change.

Contact a dedicated Hillsborough County family lawyer for a consultation

Westchase Law P.A. assists Florida clients with family law matters and various other types of legal challenges. Please call 813-438-7114 or contact us online to set up a meeting at one of our Gulf Coast locations, located in Tampa.

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