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Child custody and visitation is an emotionally charged issue. It is also a deeply subjective area of law where the best interest of the child or children is always the determining factor. Westchase Law, P.A. strives to help parents work through this difficult process and negotiate custody plans that are beneficial to both parents and children.

We earnestly believe that negotiation is the best tool for reaching a custody scheme that is in the best interests of the children involved but still addresses the concerns of each parent. But we also understand that negotiation may not always be possible. Therefore, our Tampa custody attorneys stand ready to fight for the rights of our clients during contentious custody proceedings.

Florida custody laws

In divorce and custody proceedings, the court must allocate both physical and legal custody between the parents. Physical custody is the legal right to be in possession of a child and determine where he or she lives, while legal custody is the right to participate in decisions regarding the upbringing of the child, including medical care, education, and other important issues.

Each of these responsibilities can fall solely to one parent or divide between them, providing for a number of different custody schemes. Additionally, even if one parent receives sole physical custody, the other has a right to visitation in most cases.

It is usually advisable for the parents to work together outside of court to construct a custody scheme that is agreeable to both. An out-of-court settlement is emotionally easier on both parties, can save time and court costs, and allows the parties greater control and flexibility. A divorce attorney at Westchase Law, P.A. can negotiate on your behalf during these discussions to ensure any agreement protects your legal rights. If such an agreement proves unworkable, your attorney stands ready to prove in court why your desired custody scheme is in the best interest of the child or children.

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The Tampa law firm of Westchase Law, P.A. remains constantly apprised of the latest developments in the laws of Florida. Their family law practice includes divorce, alimony, custody and visitation, domestic violence, and termination of parental rights. If you are facing divorce or any other domestic relations issue, you do not need to go it alone. Contact us at 813-438-7114 or through our web contact page.

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