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How Long Does A Florida Divorce Take?


Every divorce is a little different. And, as such, there is no single amount of time that defines the length of a Florida divorce.

Even though the above is true, it is also true that there are certain lengths of time that happen to be common, among the different types of divorce within Florida.

By being aware of the different types of divorce in Florida, and how long each one takes, it is much easier for a spouse to determine just how long their divorce will take.

What Are The 3 Types Of Divorce In Florida? 

Within the state of Florida, there are three basic types of divorce. Each one differs from the other and, in turn, the amount of time every type of divorce takes to conclude differs from every other type.

A Simplified Divorce 

A simplified divorce – or, a “simplified dissolution of marriage,” as it is also known – is the easiest, and shortest way, for two spouses to divorce one another.

Even though a simplified divorce is the easiest, and shortest, way for two spouses to divorce one another, many spouses do not qualify for a simplified divorce. This is because the requirements are as follows:

  • The two spouses must have resided within Florida for at least six-months.
  • The two spouses must have agreed to every term of the divorce.
  • The two spouses must not have had any children together.
  • The two spouses must not be requesting alimony.

If two spouses qualify for a simplified divorce, then they can divorce one another within thirty-days.

An Uncontested Divorce 

When two spouses obtain an uncontested divorce, it’s because they agree to every term of the divorce. Some of the different topics these terms may relate to are as follows:

  • Alimony
  • Child support
  • Time-sharing

To obtain an uncontested divorce, both spouses must agree to every term of the divorce. But, if they do not agree on even one term, then obtaining an uncontested divorce is no longer possible.

If two spouses agree to the terms of their divorce, then it will likely take anywhere from one-to-two-months for the divorce to be finalized.

A Contested Divorce 

A contested divorce is a divorce in which neither spouse can agree on the terms of the divorce. To settle these issues, it is common for both spouses to go through mediation and, in turn, to go to court.

Given the emotional and practical difficulties that can arise from a contested divorce, it takes the longest amount of time, when compared to other types of divorce.

A contested divorce can take anywhere from six-months to two-years. The exact amount of time is dependent on the procedures that both spouses go through and the terms that each spouse is seeking.

Speak With A Tampa Divorce Lawyer Today 

Going through a divorce is never easy, and this is especially true if your divorce takes an especially long time. Speak with a Tampa divorce lawyer at Westchase Law, P.A. today and we will assist you in obtaining a quick, easy, and effective divorce.




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