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Category Archives: Mediation


When Is Divorce Mediation Necessary?

By Westchase Law P.A. |

Going through the divorce process is both expensive and contentious. But, it doesn’t need to be; divorce mediation is a process of settling disputes that allows couples to remain civil, while also allowing them to settle disputes.  What Is Divorce Mediation?  Divorce mediation is a dispute resolution process that is led by a divorce… Read More »

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Will Divorce Mediation Make The Separation Process Easier For Your Kids?

By Westchase Law P.A. |

Every divorce involves its fair share of disputes. Dealing with these disputes can be a source of conflict and tension on its own but, when kids are involved, things become even more complicated. To reduce the conflict and tension a divorce often provokes, parents can rely on divorce mediation. By doing so, they can… Read More »

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What Are The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation?

By Westchase Law P.A. |

Many divorces are fraught with disputes that must be settled. Settling these disputes can be quite challenging, especially if neither spouse is on good terms with one another. To help settle these disputes, the divorcing spouses can bring on a divorce mediator. A divorce mediator can, and will, help them settle these disputes in… Read More »

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