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Category Archives: Paternity


The Rights of Unwed Fathers in Tampa, FL

By Westchase Law P.A. |

Several new laws have been passed recently that shift the playing field for fathers. Today, unwed fathers in Florida automatically have parental rights over their children. This is a shift from the past when the Florida courts would automatically assign custody and responsibility rights to mothers. Decisions related to paternity have significant implications for… Read More »

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How Can You Establish Paternity In Tampa, Florida?

By Westchase Law P.A. |

A number of familial conflicts center on issues related to paternity and who is considered the legal father of a child. To resolve these issues, it is imperative that a father establishes their paternity. By doing so, they, and their children, will be granted a number of important rights.  What Is Paternity?  Paternity is… Read More »

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