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Misconceptions About Car Accident Cases in Florida

Between the Internet and other sources of media, there is a lot of information floating around about car accidents and personal injury law. However, while some of this information may be harmless, or even accurate, a great deal of it is exaggerated, or worse yet, completely untrue. That is why proceeding with a car accident claim without the help of an attorney is unadvisable.

Below are some of the common misconceptions regarding car accident cases in Florida:

  • You should admit fault: If you are in a car accident and you think you are at fault, don’t admit it to the other driver just yet. Determining fault in auto accidents can be difficult. Truthfully, the other driver may be more responsible for the accident than you. Florida follows a comparative negligence law — meaning you can obtain compensation for your injuries even if you are partially at fault for the accident.

  • Insurance companies are your friend: Do not be fooled by insurance companies — they are not looking to provide you with a fair settlement. Insurance companies are businesses that are primarily concerned with increasing profits, lowering costs and resolving cases as quickly as possible.

  • If you want compensation, you must go to court: Many Florida drivers avoid filing injury lawsuits for fear of going to court. Although there is no guarantee your case will not go to court, the majority of accident cases are resolved through settlements.

  • Injury lawyers are expensive: If an injury lawyer asks for payment up front, look elsewhere. Professional and trusted car accident attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that you only pay your lawyer if you receive compensation.

If you suffered a serious injury in an auto accident, contact a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. With his or her help, you may be able to obtain compensation to cover the costs of medical bills and help you move on with your life.

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