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Why You Need An Attorney When Facing Foreclosure


Foreclosure defense lawyers help clients through the foreclosure process 

Foreclosure is the legal process that a bank or mortgage company must go through to gain possession of a mortgage property where the property owner has not met the terms and conditions contained in the mortgage, most often by not making the monthly payments. Foreclosure is a situation that homeowners never anticipate being in. However, because foreclosure is a legal process, a homeowner involved in a foreclosure action should consult a foreclosure attorney in Brandon for assistance. Westchase Law is here to help.

First of all, a foreclosure attorney in Brandon can respond on your behalf in the court case. While this may not seem important, by answering the complaint filed, the bank or mortgage company is prohibited from simply entering a default against you and gaining immediate possession of the property. Even if you cannot keep your home, additional time is gained to explore your options or locate another place to live.

Second, there are options for homeowners in foreclosure. These options can include bankruptcy and/or a restructuring of your mortgage. A foreclosure attorney in Brandon can discuss all of your potential options and find the one that best suits your needs. Lawyers can explain the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision.

Third, a foreclosure attorney in Brandon can communicate with your bank or mortgage lender. May banks are large with multiple departments handling different parts of the mortgage and foreclosure processes. Often, one department is unaware of what the other departments are doing. At Westchase Law, our attorneys will be in contact with your lender to be sure your rights are protected.

While foreclosure is stressful for homeowners, contacting a foreclosure attorney in Brandon will help you consider all of your options and guarantee that your rights are protected to the extent the law allows. Contact Westchase Law to schedule your consultation.

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