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When Can An Alimony Support Order Be Reduced Or Changed?


Oldsmar divorce lawyers protect the rights and best interests of clients in alimony support claims

Many divorces in Florida result in one party paying alimony to the other. There are several types of alimony. Some types such as temporary and durational are for a specific time period and might not need any modifications during their span. However, if you are paying permanent alimony and your financial situation has changed, you should contact an alimony attorney in Oldsmar at Westchase Law to review your case and request a modification if appropriate.

One of the most obvious changes is in the relationship or marital status of your ex-spouse. Should you spouse remarry or sign a domestic partnership agreement, the court will remove your alimony obligation. The same is true if you or your ex-spouse die. Your estate is not subject to the alimony obligation nor is the estate of your ex-spouse entitled to alimony payments. An alimony attorney in Oldsmar can simply prepare the necessary documents to have your alimony obligation terminated in these situations.

There are a few scenarios that could impact your alimony payments but are not as cut and dried as those above and should be discussed with an alimony attorney in Oldsmar. For example, if your income takes a substantial drop due to no fault of your own, the court would consider an adjustment in your alimony payments. If, however, you voluntarily reduce your income, the court might not be convinced that your alimony should be reduced. Should you become ill and unable to work or only work a reduced amount, the court should be advised and asked to consider a reduction in alimony payments. Retirement is a third life event that might warrant a change in alimony. The change could be due to reduced income, or your ex-spouse could be entitled to received retirement benefits and/or social security that would change his or her need for the alimony.

If you feel your situation has changed and your alimony payments should be reduced, contact an alimony attorney in Oldsmar at Westchase Law to evaluate your case.

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