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Who Is At Fault In Your Divorce And Does It Matter?


Experienced family law attorneys fight to protect the rights and best interests of their clients throughout the entire divorce process 

Once you have come to the conclusion that your marriage cannot be saved, it is imperative that you contact a divorce attorney in Oldsmar at Westchase Law to set up a consultation – especially if your marital situation becomes strained and you can no longer live together with your spouse.

Many people are under the impression that they will “get more” from a divorce if their spouse is at fault. Your reason for wanting a divorce might be ugly and painful and valid. It might involve abuse or adultery. And, you might be tempted to drag all of this dirt into the courtroom to make your spouse look bad in front of the judge. While it might give you temporary satisfaction to humiliate your spouse in the divorce proceedings, in most cases, it will make no difference to the outcome of your divorce. And in fact, might cause a judge to look at you as a jealous or vengeful spouse that just wants to get even. There are some exceptions especially when there has been some type of abuse or neglect. A judge will consider abusive or dangerous behavior in cases where children are involved but it will not impact other divorce issues such as property division, alimony, or child support. Your divorce attorney in Oldsmar will advise you if your situation needs to be considered by the court in your divorce. Remember, Florida, as well as many other states, is a no-fault divorce state – meaning that the only thing needed for a divorce to be granted is to prove that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

A divorce attorney in Oldsmar will represent your interests in your divorce case. While Florida is a no-fault divorce state, there are some situations that the court should be made aware of. The divorce attorneys at Westchase Law are experienced in navigating the sometimes rough waters of divorce.

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