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What To Do After You Have Been Served A Foreclosure Complaint?


Contact an Oldsmar foreclosure defense lawyer to protect your rights in a foreclosure claim

If you have been unable to pay your mortgage and the lender has filed and served a foreclosure complaint against you, it is time to contact a foreclosure attorney in Oldsmar. At Westchase Law, we have the experience to lead you through the foreclosure process. And while you might not be able to keep your home, our attorneys can find ways to give you additional time to find a new home.

There are relatively short deadlines to reply to a foreclosure complaint. Therefore, time is of the essence to retain a foreclosure attorney in Oldsmar. Sometimes a foreclosure is straightforward process and there might not be any recourse for the homeowner and a foreclosure attorney in Oldsmar will simply give you as much time as he or she can to find a new place to live. In some cases, however, there might be defenses or claims against your lender that can be brought in the case. These include breach of contract, fraud, participation in predatory lending, failure to make disclosures, and violations of Florida law. A foreclosure attorney in Oldsmar will review your case and decide the appropriate course of action in response to the complaint.

Once your foreclosure attorney in Oldsmar has responded to the initial complaint, appropriate motions are filed and relevant discovery is exchanged. In cases where a defense or counterclaim is alleged, there will be additional time needed to investigate the allegations in the complaint and the defenses or counterclaim. While these cases might be very difficult to win in court, it will allow for additional time to find alternate housing.

Contact Westchase Law if you find yourself involved in a foreclosure action. Remember that there are strict timelines involved in litigation case. It is imperative that you do not wait to contact a foreclosure attorney in Oldsmar.

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