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What Are Your Rights To Unemployment Compensation When You Are Fired?


Oldsmar employment lawyer protects the rights of fired employees to reemployment assistance

Reemployment assistance was formerly known as unemployment compensation and is provided to individuals who have been laid off from their job or in some cases, were fired from their job. However, there are some cases that provide reemployment assistance even if an employee quits his or her job. An employment lawyer in Oldsmar at Westchase Law can assist you in obtaining the benefits you are eligible to receive.

Being laid off from a job is usually out of the control of the employee and if reemployment assistance is applied for and other conditions, such as minimum of quarters worked and minimum amount earned, are met, the employee will receive the appropriate amount of benefits for a certain period of time or until new employment is found. An employee can only receive assistance if they are physically able to work and actively searching for work. In most cases an employment lawyer in Oldsmar will not be needed by an employee who has lost their job due to lay off.

An employee fired from a job may or may not need an attorney. The employee can file for benefits and wait for either approval or rejection of the claim. If the claim is rejected, an employment lawyer in Oldsmar would be helpful in the appeal process.

Quitting a job will most likely result in any request for reemployment assistance being denied. It is looked on as a voluntary act. There are, however, reasons that are considered good cause such as dangerous working conditions, discrimination, or harassment and can cause your request for reemployment assistance to be approved, although often on appeal. The appeal process is usually a telephone hearing where both the former employee and the employer and their counsel, if appropriate, present their evidence and allow their witnesses to speak. All of this information is considered by the DEO. At some point after the hearing, a decision is issued. It is likely that the employer will have an attorney on the call to present their case. To increase the odds of winning the appeal, an employment lawyer in Oldsmar should be retained to be sure your interests are considered and protected.

Let Westchase Law assist you in obtaining the reemployment assistance you are eligible for after losing or leaving your employment.

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