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What You Should Know About An Uncontested Divorce


What You Should Know About An Uncontested Divorce

Tampa divorce lawyers ensure clients rights are protected even when the divorce is uncontested 

The tales of divorce often include the long wait between filing for divorce and actually being granted a divorce, the ugly behavior in and out of court, and huge fees paid to attorneys by both sides. However, there are faster and simpler paths to divorce in certain situations. A common process for achieving this is an uncontested divorce. A divorce lawyer in Tampa can help you decide if an uncontested divorce is right for your situation. Contact Westchase Law for your consultation.

The main difference between a divorce and an uncontested divorce is the agreement of the parties when the divorce is filed. The paperwork filed with the uncontested divorce is essentially the same as any other divorce except for the fact that the items listed and requested are not going to be argued about in court. There might also be waivers that are included for one of the parties to sign indicating that they understand that they are not represented by the divorce lawyer in Oldsmar filing the paperwork.

Once the initial paperwork is filed, there is a 20 day waiting period. The final hearing cannot be set before that time has elapsed. One the hearing is set, both parties and the divorce lawyer in Oldsmar appear in front of the judge for a short hearing. Final Orders addressing all matters of the divorce such as parenting of any minor children, division of assets and debts, and any support to be paid are brought by the divorce lawyer in Oldsmar and presented to the judge. The judge asks a few questions of each of the parties and if he or she finds everything to be in order, grants the divorce.

If you and your spouse have agreed on the terms of your divorce, an uncontested divorce could be your answer. The divorce attorneys at Westchase Law will assist you in putting your agreement on paper and getting your final hearing set before a judge.

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