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3 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Divorcing


Going through a divorce is never fun and often challenging. But, by avoiding three very common mistakes, it is much easier for couples to obtain the positive outcomes they are seeking.

 Hiding Assets 

The state of Florida practices equitable distribution. For this reason, when a married couple divorces, both spouses will receive a certain percentage of marital property, so as to ensure that the split is equitable.

Many divorces are fraught with anger and resentment that can lead to one spouse hiding assets from the other spouse. By doing so, one spouse can prevent the other spouse from receiving those assets.

The act of hiding assets isn’t just unethical, it is also illegal. A spouse who is found to have lied, to the court, about the existence of certain assets can be found guilty of perjury.

Outside of being charged with perjury, which is very rare, it is likely that the spouse who has hidden assets will be penalized. Being penalized will force them to pay more than they normally would.

 Going To Court 

Sometimes, going to court is absolutely necessary. But, more often than not, going to court is both unnecessary and an unnecessary use of time, energy, and money.

To prevent a nasty, and expensive, court battle, divorcing couples should attempt to be civil and pleasant with one another. By doing so, they will be able to communicate their needs and wants in a manner that makes it far easier for positive compromises to be made.

A failure to be civil and pleasant will often lead to a fruitless divorce mediation process. Soon after the divorce mediation process comes to an end, a couple may need to go to court, which will only make it more difficult for either spouse to obtain the results they are seeking.

Given the expenses a court battle will lead to, as well as the fact that a court battle extends the divorce process by quite some time, it is always wise to be civil and pleasant.

 Failing To Consult With A Tampa Divorce Lawyer 

No matter what anyone says or assumes, divorce is never easy. But, it can be civil and pleasant, in a manner that allows both spouses to obtain positive outcomes that benefit them and, if applicable, their children.

To ensure that a divorce leads to the most positive, desirable outcomes possible, it is of the utmost importance that two spouses divorcing in Tampa consult a Tampa divorce lawyer.

Consulting a Tampa divorce lawyer enables divorcing spouses to understand their options, to figure out which options are most desirable, and to proceed in a way that brings the most desirable outcomes to life.

 Speak With A Tampa Divorce Lawyer 

Divorce can be messy and challenging. But, by avoiding the three mistakes outlined above, it’s much easier to obtain positive results that benefit you, your former spouse, and, if applicable, your children.

Speak with a Tampa divorce lawyer today. We will assist you in obtaining the best possible legal outcomes.




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