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When Is Divorce Mediation Necessary?


Going through the divorce process is both expensive and contentious. But, it doesn’t need to be; divorce mediation is a process of settling disputes that allows couples to remain civil, while also allowing them to settle disputes.

 What Is Divorce Mediation? 

Divorce mediation is a dispute resolution process that is led by a divorce mediator.

A divorce mediator is fundamentally impartial. For this reason, a divorce mediator cannot make decisions for either spouse, nor do they represent either spouse.

The ultimate goal of a divorce mediator is to facilitate a calm, civil, and pleasant environment that allows two divorcing spouses to settle their disputes and finalize their divorce.

Many couples who are unable to communicate in an effective manner find divorce mediation useful. But, couples who are able to communicate effectively often find divorce mediation useful, as well, since it allows for the effective resolution of any disputes that may arise.

 What Are The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation? 

Divorce mediation offers a wealth of benefits. Some of the most notable benefits are as follows:

  • Communication that is calm, civil, and pleasant.
  • Every dispute is resolved by the divorcing spouses, rather than the court or a jury.
  • Going through divorce mediation is considerably cheaper than going to trial.
  • Everything that is said throughout the divorce mediation process is completely confidential.
  • The agreements that two divorcing spouses come to are legally enforceable.

Every single one of these benefits makes divorce mediation a beneficial option for divorcing couples of all sorts.

 When Is Divorce Mediation Necessary? 

Many couples choose to use divorce mediation voluntarily, rather than being forced to use divorce mediation as a result of legal pressures.

But, with the above in mind, divorce mediation is sometimes necessary and, as such, a legal requirement.

Some couples share children who belong to them and, in turn, the marriage. Couples with children are legally required to go through the divorce mediation process.

Given the nature of child custody, timesharing, and child support, divorce mediation makes it much easier for couples to address these issues and develop post-divorce terms that serve them both.

Many couples share marital property, as well as marital debt. Couples who share either of those things may wish to distribute these things in a fair manner and, if that is the case, they must go through the divorce mediation process.

The division of marital property and debt is contentious and, at times, remarkably challenging. Working with a divorce mediator makes it much easier for couples to settle the disagreements that often arise, allowing for a fair and agreeable property/debt division agreement to be made. 

Speak With A Tampa Mediation Lawyer

 The divorce process is almost never fun. But, by working with a divorce mediator, the process can become much easier and far more pleasant.

Speak with a Tampa mediation lawyer today. We will assist you in keeping your divorce civil and obtaining the best possible legal outcome.




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