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What is Parental Alienation Syndrome?


When divorcing parents have children it adds an incredible amount of stress to the divorce. Rights to the children are often a contentious part of the divorce proceedings. In some cases, one parent will use the children as a battleground in the divorce proceedings. They will say awful things about the other parent in an attempt to win the children over to their side of the divorce. It can often be successful. Children are easily manipulated. In some cases, the parent will intentionally try to turn the children against the other parent. This is sometimes referred to as Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

If you believe that your spouse is intentionally attempting to turn your children against you, you should discuss the matter with your attorney. A savvy Tampa divorce lawyer can help you argue the matter before the court and ensure that your interests are being heard.

Parental alienation 

When one parent engages in a campaign to denigrate the other parent, it is known as parental alienation. Parental alienation syndrome refers to a cluster of symptoms in which a child grows to hate their other parent. This is largely due to the fact that they have been manipulated to do so.

Parental Alienation Syndrome is a controversial topic. It is also a relatively new phenomenon. It occurs when one parent attempts to turn the children away from the other parent. The term was introduced in the 1980s by a psychiatrist named Richard Gardner. He believed that the impact of parental alienation could have a detrimental effect on the psychology of the children. He argued that a parent who was engaged in parental alienation could cause the children to develop feelings of hatred or fear toward the other parent.

While the concept of parental alienation is often broached in custody disputes, it is not a recognized syndrome that you can find in the DSM. However, if a parent is found to be intentionally attempting to turn the children against the other parent, it could be used in a Florida divorce case.

How can a Tampa, FL divorce lawyer help? 

The courts are always going to consider the best interests of the children when determining custody. The courts also default on the premise that having both parents in the child’s life is superior to only having one. When one parent attempts to undermine the process by potentially inflicting emotional distress on the children, it can have a negative impact on their custody claims. In these instances, the parent who is alienated will have to raise the matter in court in order to see that their custody rights are protected. A Tampa, FL divorce lawyer can help you argue parental alienation and hold the other spouse accountable for their manipulation.

Talk to a Tampa, FL Divorce Lawyer Today 

If you are concerned that your co-parent is attempting to turn your children against you, call the Tampa family lawyers at Westchase Law, P.A. today to schedule an appointment and discuss your concerns with a seasoned divorce lawyer.



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