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Category Archives: Foreclosure Defense

Were You Prey to a Predatory Lender?

Anyone who has participated in a real estate transaction knows how it goes: Sign here. Sign there. Sign here and here and here and here. Initial this, that and the other thing. Then take home this huge pile of paper and put it in a drawer. Congratulations! You own a home. Unfortunately, the mind-numbing nature… Read More »

The Effects of Foreclosure on Your Taxes

Most of the time an increase in your tax bill reflects an increase in your income. Perhaps you earned a big raise or a bonus or even won the lottery. The tax bite may take some joy out of your celebration but you certainly come out ahead. Foreclosure of your home, on the other hand,… Read More »

What is a Deed in Lieu?

Did someone tell you a deed in lieu might be a good option for your situation? And you responded that you would consider it — all the while thinking, “In lieu of what?” The quick answer is: in lieu of foreclosure. And  a deed in lieu is, in fact, a quick answer to the problem … Read More »

What are Some Things to be Wary of in a Short Sale?

Many homeowners are proceeding with short sales rather than foreclosure when they cannot get a loan modification or meet their obligations to their lender. In March of 2012 short sales represented more than 14 percent of existing home sales, compared with about 10 percent in 2010. While the number of short sales is rising, foreclosures… Read More »

Short Sale or Foreclosure?

When you find yourself unable to make your mortgage payments, or when the value of your residence sinks below the amount of your mortgage, you may face some hard choices. But whether your financial difficulties are caused by a job loss, divorce, a catastrophic medical event or because you need to relocate for a new… Read More »

What Can a Short Sale Do to Your Credit?

The real estate market may be rebounding, but many people still find themselves struggling to make the payments on their mortgages. As a result, an increasing number of homeowners are now selling their homes via short sales instead of having their homes go through foreclosure. In fact, in the second quarter of 2012, short sales accounted… Read More »

Stopping Foreclosure by Seeking a Short Sale

No one wants to lose a home, so receiving a notice of foreclosure is a frightening event. It is important that you take any foreclosure notices from your lender seriously. You do have options available, such as seeking a short sale, but you must act quickly to put yourself in the best possible situation so… Read More »