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Driving Drowsy Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Getting behind the wheel when you are sleep-deprived can lead to a car crash. But despite the mounting evidence that drowsy driving kills or seriously injures many people each year, millions of drivers engage in this risky behavior.

The statistics on drowsy driving are sobering and staggering:

  • According to one drowsy driving poll, 51 percent or about 100 million people, say they have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy in the past year
  • About 32 million people are reported as having fallen asleep at the wheel, and two million drivers admit to having a drowsy driving accident in that period
  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driving drowsy causes at least 100,000 crashes every year — 1,500 deaths and 71,000 injuries resulted

The parties who are most likely to drive drowsy include:

  • Drivers between the ages of 16 and 29, especially males
  • People who work long shifts, third shifts or who have irregular hours
  • Business travelers who suffer from jet lag
  • Commercial truck drivers, especially those who drive long hauls

Some ways to avoid drowsy driving include:

  • Call a cab
  • ŸCall a friend
  • ŸMake sleep a priority and aim for eight hours a night
  • ŸTake public transportation
  • Schedule breaks on long drives
  • ŸPull over and nap if you find yourself growing drowsy

Speak to a skilled car accident attorney if you have questions about your car accident.

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