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How Will Marital Assets Be Divided During A Divorce?


Oldsmar divorce lawyers fight to protect the rights and best interests of their clients during property division negotiations and claims 

Division of marital assets is a necessary part of divorce. Many items are clearly used more by one party over the other or are easily divided by spouses without much hesitation. But sometimes, there are items that neither party wants to part with and will spend considerable time and money fighting for. The attorneys at Westchase Law are the property division lawyer in Oldsmar you need to assist you in determining what assets are worth spending your time and energy to fight for.

When dividing assets, the court tries to be as equitable as possible, meaning both spouses tend to receive assets in an amount that is close to equal. The parties, at the urging of their property division lawyer in Oldsmar, tend to use assets of larger value to negotiate. If one spouse agrees to let the other have the marital residence with a large amount of equity, the other spouse might agree to let go of their claim on some investment accounts. When parties are acting rationally, much of the marital property can be divided relatively quickly.

Sometimes the most intense disagreements dividing marital property occur over property that has little financial value but a great deal of sentimental value. Family photographs and videos, items given by loved ones, and items given to parents by children might all be subject to intense controversy. An experienced property division lawyer in Oldsmar should be the voice of reason to their client in these situations. Negotiating over division of property can be time consuming. The cost of paying your property division lawyer in Oldsmar by the hour for his or her services should be considered. Your lawyer might also provide you with alternate solutions such as copying family photographs and videos so that neither party will be without them.

At Westchase Law we understand your concerns over the division of marital property. Let us be your property division lawyer in Oldsmar and provide you with sound expert advice.

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