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Employees Have Rights – Even In A Right To Work State

Brandon employment lawyers fight to protect the rights of employees 

Although Florida is a right to work state, meaning an employer can fire an employee for no reason, employers do have responsibilities to their employees and are prohibited from treating employees in ways that are illegal. If you feel that your employer has engaged in illegal behavior, you need an experienced employment attorney in Brandon to review your case.

Employers are prohibited from discrimination. Discrimination occurs when one employee is treated unfairly due to things including but not limited to race, religion, and sex. There is a process to follow for reporting and charging an employer with discrimination, so it is best to consult with and retain an employment attorney in Brandon to be sure that the process is followed correctly and all deadlines are met. Missing import deadlines could result in your claim being dismissed as untimely. Employees should also maintain detailed calendars or journals of the incidents that they believe are discriminatory. Dates, actions, witnesses, and any other pertinent information should be recorded there and given to your attorney. Proof is crucial to winning a discrimination case.

Employers are also required to compensate their employees for time worked including overtime when applicable according to the United States Department of Labor standards. Employees who believe that they are not being paid fairly should keep careful records of hours worked and compensation received to present to an employment attorney in Brandon so that the case can be evaluated correctly. Without some sort of documentation, it will be nearly impossible to bring a claim.

There could be additional reasons that you need to consult with an employment attorney in Brandon. Your employer may have its own policy to address employee concerns and complaints with its own set of rules in addition to current labor laws. To discuss your specific employment situation, contact Westchase Law for a consultation.

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