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The GLOBAL PANDEMIC involving COVID-19 is unprecedented and unfortunately, for many individuals the effects are already being felt financially. If you are obligated to pay child support or alimony, you are likely left thinking “I can’t afford to continue paying my court-ordered obligations so what can I do?”

If you have lost your job or your income has decreased due to the pandemic, you have options such as filing a Supplemental Petition For Modification asking the court to modify your alimony and/or child support due to the change in your financial circumstances.

Time is of the essence because the Court is typically prohibited from modifying any alimony or child support amount to a date earlier than the date of the Supplemental Petition For Modification – so FILING NOW versus waiting is VERY IMPORTANT.

The attorneys at Westchase Law, P.A. can help in seeking your modification. CALL 813.490.5211 TODAY to set up a consultation.

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