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What Information Does A Petition For Divorce Need To Include?


Right before a couple can get a divorce, they must both file a petition for divorce.

Every divorce is different and every petition for divorce is a little different. No matter the divorce, though, every petition must include certain information.

A failure to include this information can prevent a couple from obtaining their divorce or their intended post-divorce outcomes.

 What Information Does A Petition For Divorce Need To Include? 

A petition for divorce must include the following information:

  • The name of each spouse.
  • The county this petition is being filed in.
  • The court case number the clerk has given this divorce case.

Right after this basic information has been listed, a petition for divorce must include:

  • The date of marriage.
  • The date of separation.
  • The state where the couple got married.

Before the individual filing the petition can move forward, they must confirm the fact that they’ve resided in Florida for at least six-months.  Those who haven’t lived in Florida for at least six-months cannot obtain a divorce in Florida.

Right after this information has been clarified, the individual filing the petition must clarify why they are requesting a divorce. Since Florida is a no-fault state, many choose to claim that their marriage is “irretrievably broken,” as this allows the marriage to end in a relatively quick manner.

What Else Does A Petition For Divorce Need To Include?

Many couples share assets, such as real estate or bonds. A couple that divorces may want to split up these assets, so that they both have access to them after the divorce.

To ensure that these assets are split in a manner that is desired, the petition for divorce must include the following:

  • The assets that will be divided.
  • The intended legal outcome for these assets.
  • The reason why the intended legal outcome is the appropriate legal outcome.

Outside of these points, a petition can include a request for alimony. As with asset division, the one filing the petition for divorce must clarify their intended legal outcome and its validity.

Couples that share children will need to include information that clarifies how both parents will be raising their children. Some of the most important information for this petition includes:

  • Shared parental responsibilities.
  • A time-sharing schedule.
  • Who will be providing transportation and when they will be doing so.

To ensure that the children of a divorce are properly supported, at least one parent must pay child support. This responsibility cannot be waived and, as such, child support arrangements must be clarified within the petition for divorce.

Speak With A Skilled Tampa Divorce Lawyer 

No matter the divorce you are seeking, you must fill out a petition for divorce. By doing so in the proper manner, you can obtain a divorce and the post-divorce outcomes you are seeking.

Speak with a skilled Tampa divorce lawyer today. We will assist you in filling out your petition for divorce and obtaining your desired legal outcome. 






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