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How Can You Change Your Name In Tampa, Florida?


Some people want to change their name. But, in order for them to do so in Tampa, Florida, they must adhere to a very particular set of requirements, as well as a specific process.

By being aware of the name change requirements, as well as the name change process, changing one’s name becomes much easier. 

Who Can Change Their Name?

 A wide variety of people are eligible to change their name in Tampa, Florida. The groups of people that are eligible for a name change in Tampa are as follows:

  • A grown adult.
  • A grown adult who is filing for a name change on the behalf of a minor child.
  • A grown adult who is filing for a name change on the behalf of a family.

Each one of these groups of people is eligible for a name change in Florida. A person who is not a grown adult is ineligible for a name change, unless an adult files for them.

 What Are The Requirements For Changing Your Name? 

Right before a Tampa resident can change their name, they must file a petition. To file this petition, a name change applicant must clarify the following information:

  • Whether or not they currently reside in Tampa, Florida.
  • Whether or not they have ever filed for bankruptcy.
  • Whether or not they have ever been arrested and/or charged with a crime.
  • Whether or not they have ever registered as a sex offender.
  • Whether or not they have ever been successfully sued.

Outside of this information, a name change applicant must verify that they are not:

  • Seeking a name change for reasons that are not in service of an illegal or ulterior motive.
  • Currently in a situation where their civil rights have been suspended.

Even if an applicant has been charged with a crime or filed for bankruptcy, this does not mean they will be unable to change their name.

To go along with filling out a petition, every name change applicant must have their fingerprints scanned.

Right after a name change applicant’s fingerprints have been scanned, the FBI, as well as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, will conduct a background check. The purpose of this background check is to verify the information a particular applicant has provided.

 What Happens When Your Petition Is Accepted? 

Soon after a name change applicant’s petition is accepted, they must go in front of a judge.

While in front of a judge, the applicant will be sworn in and asked to provide two things:

  • Any evidence that has been requested, to back up the facts of their petition.
  • A testimony that clarifies why the applicant is seeking a name change and why it is ideal.

Gathering the requested evidence is not always easy, depending on what the judge is requesting. The same is true of developing an effective testimony.

Even though neither of these steps is very easy, they are absolutely necessary. A name change applicant cannot change their name unless they go through these two steps.

Speak With A Tampa Name Change Lawyer 

Changing your name can be difficult, especially when you need to gather evidence and develop a good testimony. Speak with a Tampa name change lawyer today and we will assist you in both of those steps, allowing you to change your name.




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