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What Are The Top 4 Most Common Reasons For Divorce?


A couple can divorce for a variety of reasons. By being aware of four of the most common reasons, it is easy to take actions that can prevent a divorce, or to affirm one’s decision to obtain a divorce.

 What Is A Divorce? 

A divorce is, in its simplest form, the legal dissolution of a marriage. Someone who obtains a divorce will no longer be with the spouse whom they were legally married to.

Within the state of Florida – and, in turn, the city of Tampa – every spouse has the right to file for divorce if they believe that doing so is the right choice.

Even though the above is true, obtaining a divorce can be difficult. For this reason, if someone wishes to obtain a divorce, they should work with a divorce lawyer throughout the process.

 What Are The Top 4 Most Common Reasons For Divorce? 

A wide variety of reasons can, and often do, lead to divorce. But, with that being said, some reasons for divorce are slightly more common than others. And, with that in mind, those common reasons can be found below.

Reason 01: Financial Issues 

Many couples deal with money in their own, unique way. On its own, this isn’t a problem. But, as time passes, it can become very difficult for a couple to manage their money in a way that they both agree on.

Sometimes, mere differences in money management practices is enough to lead to a divorce. Other times, though, it is the lack of money – or, perhaps, other types of financial issues – that leads to a divorce.

 Reason 02: Growing Apart From One Another 

Many couples grow apart from one another throughout their marriage. This isn’t uncommon but, depending on just how far two spouses grow apart from one another, it can lead to divorce.

To go along with the above, when a couple grows apart from one another, they may no longer be compatible with one another in certain ways. And, this incompatibility can also lead to divorce.

 Reason 03: Cheating 

Some spouses are unfaithful to their spouses. And, when the other spouse finds out about this infidelity, it is not uncommon for them to request a divorce, due to the betrayal of cheating and infidelity.

Even though many marriages end, due to cheating, some marriages can be patched up. But, this isn’t always common and, as such, it isn’t always likely that a marriage can be repaired if one spouse has cheated.

 Reason 04: Problems With Drugs And Alcohol 

Drugs and alcohol can create problems within a couple’s married life. If these problems remain untreated or unsolved, it is not uncommon for one spouse to request a divorce.

 Speak With A Tampa Divorce Lawyer Today 

No matter your reasons for requesting a divorce, you can obtain one with the assistance of a lawyer. Speak with a Tampa divorce lawyer at Westchase Law, P.A. today and we will assist you in obtaining a divorce that satisfies your needs and desires.




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