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Should You Change Your Name After A Divorce?


A formerly-married individual can change their name after obtaining a divorce. But, just because someone can change their name after a divorce, doesn’t always mean that they should.

What Is A Name Change Within The State Of Florida? 

A name change, within the state of Florida, is when an individual changes their first name, middle name, or last name.

Some examples of a name change are as follows:

  • A man changing his first name from “Tom” to “Stanley.”
  • A woman changing her first name from “Mary” to “Alana.”
  • A woman reverting her legal last name back to her family name, due to a divorce.
  • A man changing his last name from “Smith” to “Harris.”
  • A woman changing her last name from “Elizabeth” to “McNamara.

Every single one of these examples serves as a demonstration of what a name change, within the state of Florida, can lead to.

Right after a divorce, many people feel the desire to change their name. But, even though an individual can change their name, this doesn’t mean that they should.

To understand whether or not changing one’s name is a good choice, especially after a divorce, it is worth going over some of the most notable considerations one must go over.

What Should You Consider, Before Making A Name Change?

Right before making a name change, everyone should consider the following:

  • Do you want to retain the last name of your children?
  • Are you looking for a fresh start?
  • What is your reputation within the business world?
  • What is your reputation within the community?

Every single one of these considerations can, and should, influence an individual’s decision to make a name change.

Just as an example, if someone would like to change their name, but their current name is associated with their reputation in both business and the community, then a name change may not be wise.

Even though a name change can be detrimental, it can also serve as a fresh start. A fresh start that allows a formerly-married individual to begin the next chapter of their life.

How Can You Change Your Name In Tampa? 

To change one’s name in Tampa, an individual who wishes to do so must file a petition. Within this petition, the following information must be clarified:

  • Whether or not they reside in Tampa, Florida.
  • Whether or not they have ever filed for bankruptcy.
  • Whether or not they have ever been arrested/charged with a crime.
  • Whether or not they have ever registered as a sex offender.
  • Whether or not they have ever been sued.

Right after this information has been clarified, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, as well as the FBI, will conduct a background check. And, once this background check has been conducted, the individual who requested a name change must go in front of a judge and outline why a name change is ideal.

Soon after this step has been completed, the name change process will be complete. But, due to the steps involved, as well as the potential complications that can arise, this process can take some time.

 Speak With A Tampa Name Change Lawyer 

Changing your name isn’t always easy. Speak with a Tampa name change lawyer at Westchase Law, P.A. and we will assist you in changing your name.




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