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How A Parent With An Addiction Can Be Impacted In A Child Custody Case

Oldsmar family law attorneys fight to protect the rights and best interests of your family in a child custody case

At Westchase Law, we understand that in today’s world there are circumstances that prevent one parent from being able to have custody, shared parenting, or even unsupervised visitation with the children in a divorce or separation situation – addiction issues, lack of experience and skill at parenting, or abusive behavior are a few examples. Presenting that information to a court so that it is taken seriously and heeded is best done by a child custody lawyer in Oldsmar.

If we look at the ever-growing issue of addiction in our country, we find that many of those addicted are parents. These individuals, until they have undergone rehabilitation, are unable to be the custodial parent of minor children. In these instances, it is the responsibility of the other parent to keep the children out of dangerous or neglectful environments. If that parent fails to protect the children, children’s protective services have the authority to remove the children and place them in a safe environment. An addicted parent is a serious situation and should be discussed with a child custody lawyer in Oldsmar.

Depending on the severity of the situation and the advice of a child custody lawyer in Oldsmar, either a petition for domestic violence protection order or a complaint for divorce or petition for sole custody can be filed. If there is a threat of harm to the children, a protection order is the quickest way to remove the dangerous parent from the home. If actual harm is not anticipated, a complaint for divorce or petition for custody would be filed. How the situation is presented to the court often dictates the outcome of emergency hearings. Retaining the services of a child custody lawyer in Oldsmar will be a worthwhile investment.

The attorneys at Westchase Law urge you to consult a child custody lawyer in Oldsmar if you have suspicions that your spouse has issues that prevent him or her from being a suitable parent.


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